The Society for Phytotherapy views itself as a facilitator of phytotherapeutic information. To this effect, the GPT provides references (links) to other websites: foreign phytotherapy societies, corporate members, institutes for pharmaceutical biology at German universities, clinics that focus on naturopathy, the society Kooperation Phytopharmaka, drug regulatory authorities in Europe, and other relevant authorities and institutions. By now, no specific English version is available.


Other Societies

Kooperation Phytopharmaka

Member Companies of GPT

Institutes for Pharmaceutical Biology

Clinics with naturopathic focus

Drug Regulatory Authorities

Authorities and Institutions

The references to other internet sites (links) listed in this rubric are provided as a convenience by the GPT. The contents of the other internet sites lies outside the responsibility of the GPT. See also the information under the Disclaimer under Contact/Legal Notice.