Researching and applying herbal medicinal products

Gesellschaft für Phytotherapie / Society for Phytotherapy

The Society for Phytotherapy (GPT) is engaged in the scientific exploration and application of herbal medicinal products, and is, thus, for a scientifically founded phytotherapy. We are a member of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) and support the compilation of clinical practice guidelines. Join us in this work!

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Phytothherapy education for physicians and pharmacists

Four training modules offered. Link

Day of the Medicinal Plant 2024

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7.-9. June 2024 (German Language). Link

For the Medical Practice

Forum on medical guidelines  - Call for support

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Phytotherapy is already today represented in quite a number of medical guidelines. A review article is available in the Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie / Journal for Phytotherapy (with English abstract). Link.

The work of GPT on guidelines needs your support Link

Update for students

An overview on medcine and pharmacy study courses with trainings on phytotherapy has been published in the Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie / Journal for Phytotherapy (with English abstract). Link

Information for your pharmacy or medical practice

Brochures on Phytotherapy and on the differences between herbal medicinal products and food supplements (German language) for your patients and customers are available at Kooperation Phytopharmaka. Contact

Current topics

Consensus paper on RWE for phytomedicines for children

by GPT, GA and Foundation Plants for Health Link

Position Paper of GPT on Botanicals

English version online. Link

Phytomedicine in Cough and Cold - A strategy to avoid antibiotics resistance

Summer School at Krems/Austria. 

Forum on guidelines

The newsletter of the forum is available (German language). Link

GPT in the film

Phytotherapy on Youtube (German language)

GA awards

Innovation Award and Young Researcher Award Link

Position paper on research funding

For more research for Phytotherapie (German language) Link

EU Health Claims directive - the position of the GPT

Publication in "Phytomedicine" Link

Herbal encyclopedia  - also for your smartphone


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Congress on Phytotherapy 2023 succesful

with Young Investigator Workshop.  Link