Aims of the Society

The Society for Phytotherapy

  • supports the creation, assessment and application of scientific findings for the therapeutic application of herbal medicinal products in clinical practice;
  • informs the public on benefits and  and limitations of the appropriate use of herbal medicinal products;
  • supports the education as well as further and continued education in the field of phytotherapy;
  • informs expert circles about new results from research and scientific findings from this field of medical sciences;
  • represents phytotherapy as the science of application of herbal medicinal products towards the public, and issues expert comments on phytotherapeutic issues and problems of public interest;
  • represents phytotherapy towards authorities and decision-makers in the field of health politics;
  • is a member of the European roof organization of national societies for phytotheraoy (ESCOP) and, base on its vast experience, contributes to the creation of herbal monographs on the EU level; and
  • supports international cooperation and exchange of experience, mainly with other scientific societies.