Become a member of the Society for Phytotherapy, and support the goals of the society through ideational support as well as through your personal engagement! A strong society also has strong influence.

As a member you will receive through our website the most recent information in congresses, further edication and other events in the field of phytotherapy. You will receive the journal Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie (included in the annual fees). The yearly general assembly offers you a platform for discussion and a chance to provide your ideas into the work of the society. The executive board is always grateful for ideas, suggestions and criticisim.

The annual fee is due with the beginning of the calendar year, payable in advance. New members restrospectively pay the annual fee. For memberships starting after the 1st of July half of the regular annual fee is due.

Application for membership (DE)

The Society for Phytotherapy has regular members, who, being physicians, pharmacists of other scientists, are engaged in phytotherapy. The society also has student memberships and corporative members, i.e., associations, societies and enterprises supporting the goals of the Society for Phytotherapy.

Members lists are presented to facilitate making contact with members (see left column). The list contains members who agreed to being listed in this index.