The annual membership fee is

Regular members: 85.00 €
Students: 25.00 €
Sponsoring members: 90.00 €
(including Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie)
Sponsoring members: 35.00 €
(without Zeitschrift für Phytotherapie)
Corporate members: 950.00 €
(Organizations, companies)

Payment of membership fee

If possible, payment of membership fee should be made through direct debiting. The corresponding direct debit authorization can be granted together with the membership application.

The bank details for transfers are as follows:
Postbank Köln

Bank code 370 100 50
Account No. 17 18 00 50 5

IBAN DE97 3701 0050 0171 8005 05

Direct debit authorization

Application for membership

Please download your application for membership (DE) and mail it to the Society for Phytotherapy.

Regular members
Corporate members
Sponsoring members